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Updated: Mar 17

It’s 2021, and you know that your business needs to be on social media. Even now, with this mutual and steadfast understanding, professionals among varying levels of expertise and across different industries are struggling to understand how to make social media work for them.

It’s no secret that content shouldn’t be a hodgepodge of whatever you felt like posting (or not posting) that day/week/month. Even before social media took over the world, marketing efforts were methodical... not random image + text combos across various channels with no rhyme or reason.

Today we are sharing with you our “Go-To” Content Strategy for Instagram. This is a bare bones strategy that should be followed, give or take, so you can finally see that positive difference in your bottom line.

Your Instagram content strategy should include these three pillars: buckets, frequency, and mode.

Content Buckets: Content buckets are essentially 3-10 consistent themes to base your Instagram content on in rotation. The point of this is threefold: to make your life easier, to give your feed a consistent feel, and to ENSURE your content is working for you and your business goals.

How we do it:

  1. Think about your end goal, your “why” for getting on social media. When you sat down and decided to make this investment, what did you want to achieve? Of course, the first answer is and always should be increased “conversions”... after this, we want to dig a little deeper. Common goals often include: brand awareness, storytelling, control over reputation, education, and increased market share.

  2. Create call to actions (CTAs) for every goal. Examples: “Share this post”, “schedule a free chat with us to learn more”, “achieve this look by implementing product X into your morning routine”

  3. Build your content themes around these CTAs. Every post should have a purpose, and you should know exactly what that purpose is!

Frequency: Consistency is key on Instagram. This helps your posts stay relevant and it gives your engagement the best opportunity to increase. After multiple tests with Instagram’s ever evolving algorithm, failing to post consistently results in a drop off of engagement. The conclusion? It’s not always about how much you post but how consistent you are. Our best rule of thumb: post as much and as often as your budget and schedule will allow for the next 6 months - 1 year. You want to remain on the same schedule for as long as possible.

How we do it:

Post at least 3-4 days a week on every Instagram “mode” you utilize (more on IG “modes” next). Just remember, the more frequent you post, the more opportunities you have to give value and grow your accounts!

Want to make life a bit easier and ensure you hit your quota every month? Invest in a scheduling software and plan your content weeks in advance!

Mode: Instagram has become an extremely multifaceted platform. When we talk about “modes” we are talking about Instagram’s multiple channels for content. These include the classic IG feed, stories, IGTV, reels, lives and product catalogues. In 2021, you should be utilizing every “mode” Instagram has to offer (with the exception of product catalogue - this will depend on your product/service).

How we do it:

Frequency will vary here across industry, business goals, and budget. Here’s some insight into how we like to use each mode!

  • IG Feed: Your feed is going to be the first impression new followers receive of your business. Focus on building an aesthetically pleasing feed jam packed with information about your products or service, mission, and unique selling point!

  • Stories: Stories are where you will maintain and nurture a relationship with your Instagram community. It’s a great tool to communicate with your audience directly via Q&A’s, polls, fun challenges, and just more relaxed videos speaking to the camera behind the scenes.

  • Lives: Like stories, Instagram lives are a more intimate way to connect with your followers. Schedule a live once a week or once a month to touch base and maintain that relationship. Some great ideas: showing off a new collection at your shop, answering questions about your expertise, behind the scenes shots of your business… the list goes on!

  • IGTV: This is Instagram’s long form video format. This is a great place to share more produced content and display value.

  • Reels: Reels are bite sized pieces of content that Instagram users often move through quickly. Younger millennials and gen z are the primary audience you will be targeting with reels, so think fun engaging video content!

  • Product Catalogue: Here is your virtual storefront right on your Instagram profile. Be sure to set this up if you have a direct to consumer product. Lower ticket items will do best here.

Logistics and timeline to success will differ from business to business, budget to budget. Still, we hope this serves as the standard for you. Whether your social media is in house or outsourced, you should be implementing these steps on your Instagram right now!

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